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Prior to having a double lung transplant (the biggest surgery any person can have) my wife and I used to eat organic here and there. You know just to say we ate organic and try to trick our brains to think we did something healthy…not that we ate unhealthy a lot. However, after surgery we were told by the doctors and nutritionist to eat as much organic as possible.
Bottom line is they were trying to keep out any pesticides or foreign chemicals that would hinder the healing process or mess with all my medicine . We took heed to that suggestion, because the last thing you want is to find out something you ate made your body sick after having a $3M surgery!
We all know that eating healthy costs more. Organic foods are almost double what the non-organic food costs. Like bananas, organic from our store goes for $.99 lbs, non-organic is $.59 lbs. Being that potassium was and is needed for me, we buy a lot of bananas. We also know that organic foods don’t last as long, the bananas I get can go bad after about 4 days, non-organic about week. So we buy only 4 or 5 bananas at a time. I bet by now you’re tired of me saying bananas! OK moving on.
The cost of organic is higher simply because the crops don’t yield as much and the farmers tend to have a lot smaller crops over all. Have you ever seen a fruit or vegetable grove that goes for miles? Those aren’t organic and they have to use a plane in some areas to cover the crops in chemicals to keep the bugs away. Certified Organic farmers don’t use those harsh chemicals. The bugs that attack the organic farms are smarter, since they don’t eat chemicals, where is the other bugs that eat the chemical sprayed foods are more like the hippies from the 60’s. Lol just kidding
The same goes for eggs, milk, meats and packed foods. The choice to stay with this diet is flippen expensive, but the trade off is, knowing you’re eating better. For me, my body has been healing up well now. Not to say organic was the main factor, but I can say it certainly helps. By the way, organic milk tastes like it did when I was a kid.

Why am I posting this; it is because of the scare of listeria on the apples. Apples people! “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Hmm, not if it has a deadly bacteria. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone getting sick from organic foods. But, it could happen. We wash all our fruits and vegetables prior to eating them, and so should you, regardless of where it comes from.

The best (in our opinion) fruits and vegetables come from a locally owned, organic farm. Because they know if they don’t produce good produce (did you see what I did there) they might find some of their cows tipped. Just kidding again. That actually hurts the cows, so don’t do it.

In closing, we all have choices to make when shoveling food in our pie holes, so do what you feel is right for you and enjoy!


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AS I was going through my old emails for some auditions I’ve had it was fun to walk down memory lane. Here are some of the emails I got and parts I’ve done.

From: “Fast & Furious Five Extras”
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 17:15:51 -0400
To: Philip Webb
Subject: Vin Diesel Photo Double tomorrow

Hey Phil,

YOU ARE SECOND UNIT. and you are going to be one of the DOM PHOTO DOUBLE OPTIONS:
you’ll be wearing Vin Diesel’s clothes
@ 7:00 AM for Friday October 22, Location is in the warehouse behind the production office,
1*** HWY 138 NE CONYERS, GA 30013


SSM & Talent agency
3*** Buckeye rd Suite # 527
Atlanta, GA 30341

October 16, 2010

Levi Jean Ad

Dear Philip Webb,

Thank You for your interest in Auditioning with SSM & Talent. We are a premier resource for aspiring Models, Actors/Actress and Talent. We are dedicated on helping promising models and talent to audition in front of the most prestigious agencies. You are cordially invited to an open audition. Please make sure you arrive on time and prepared.


From: “Emily Bates”
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 17:09:59 -0400
To: ‘Philip Webb’
Subject: 30 Rock, Eps 501

Thanks! They are asking for a full body shot as well to see if you might match up with the others. Do you have a full body shot?

From: Philip Webb [mailto:webbinsc@att.net]
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 5:09 PM
To: emily@barbmcasting.com
Subject: 30 Rock

Hello Emily,

Thanks for the call. See you in NY at 30 Rockefeller square.


From: Alexis Scheu
To: webbinsc@***.net
Sent: Mon, August 9, 2010 11:30:11 PM
Subject: Re: Jack & Jill Audition – Adam Sandler Double

59** W. Slauson Ave
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90230


David Manigault
To Me
Subject: Audition

Oct 14, 2010

Official Casting Date

You recently submitted for a role in the movie “Who Can You Trust”, You have been selected to read for the part for which you applied. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to reading time so that you will have time to read over the portion of lines selected for your character.
Date: October 23, 2010
Time: 12pm to 5pm
Address: 3500 Boston Street


Hope you enjoy!

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Just Me – for casting

Here are some shots of Just Me, for casting purposes. Thanks

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The other day I watched this really strong guy rip a phone book in half. I thought, man that’s crazy that something so thick, which seems well put together can be torn apart.

This is the same for families; Growing up we were alway close to cousins, uncles and aunts. We would all go to weddings, funerals and meet up for Holiday’s all the times.

One of the best times I remember was getting together for a huge Forth of July party on the Cape. We must have had over a hundred family and friends there. Then there were the Thanksgivings we would spend at my grandfather’s house in Braintree. Everyone would come or was already there and we had a big feast.

What happens to a family when money gets involved? Why do we all put so much emphasis on money when it comes to family? Too many families get torn apart like a phone book over possessions. More times than not, it usually happens when a family member, like a mother, father or grandparent dies. The Will reveals who gets what and so on. That’s when the fights start and the ripping begins.

Is it so important to each of us who gets the house or gets a little cash or the car? Are we that superficial that we think we are better than the next person and we Deserve to have a “better cut”? Or when it boils down, are we jealous that the other person got more?

One issues that arrived in my family was when my grandfather died. He left the house to my uncle, which started a feud, because others thought he didn’t deserve it or whatever they were thinking. My brother, sister and I were too young to understand the full details, but what I understood was we weren’t allowed to talk to my cousins or uncle because they got the house. We lost our cousins for almost 20 years, until one of them got married recently. My brother and I sat with some of the cousins that we hadn’t seen or talked to in all those years. We laughed and laughed and I wish we hadn’t lost all that time.

Why do we have to put so much weight into material things and money when it comes to family? We don’t; we have to look beyond our own personal issues and not be jealous or whatever YOU want to call it. Let’s not be a phone book in the hands of a strong man!

I can tell you, I love family more than I like money or things. I will not allow myself to be torn away, will you?

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What’s Up with ME!

So, I’ve been asked a lot lately what’s going on with me and in my life. Since I have family and friends all over the World (right Dave), I’d thought I’d devote this segment to ME!

Let’s start with the most recent and work backwards. Cause that’s how I roll!

Well, this is what I look like most evening. Writing at my desk. I’ve been loving my time at home, because I get to spend precious time with Boston in the mornings. Then by late afternoon the other kids are off playing I get to write. My main focus has been on writing full-length, movie scripts. I’ve written two in the past three months. However, both only took me a week of actually writing. The rest of the time is spent editing, cleaning them up, making it better and marketing them out to producers, agents and filmmakers. I love the marketing part of it too, its like looking in the biggest freezer full of thousands and thousands of different kinds of ice cream and you’re looking for your favorite kind. Mine is Friendly’s Butter Crunch, in case you wanted to know. So, it’s a task on its own, but when you find the right one, it’s like Magic. Queue violins and harps! So, that’s my passion, it’s what I’ve loved to do for years and years and year…wait I’m not that old! Let’s just say for all my life I’ve been writing. Oh, and I’m also getting back into acting after taking a few years break. I’ve recently auditioned for two movies and am seeking an agent.

OK, take another step back, we’re walking, walking and stop. Here’s where we talk about me being a home Dad. Most of you may know I have Cystic Fibrosis; a life long disease that affects the whole body (in a nut shell). In Feb 2008, I left my job as a Project Manager in order to, well live longer, Hello! Working around construction dust, along with long hours, lots of travel and stress, that would do any man in. Back in September 2007 I was sitting in my doctors office talking about another round of oral meds I would need to take and she said, ‘you know if you keep this job, you will be in here more and more and then be hospitalized.’ If you don’t know me, I’m a man of action. therefore, I took my Doc’s advice and started the process of filing for SSA disability. Hence, leaving my job in Feb 2008. I was told by the SSA administrator he’s never seen someone get approved so fast. By April 2008 I was approved. That’s because, let’s say it together, HE’S A MAN OF ACTION! Any who, I’ve been home for more than 2 years now and still can’t get used to the daily routine. After working since the age of 14, it’s hard not to get up and go to work. Now, I feel the kids and my writing are my work.

So, since being home it’s been hard for me to maintain my girlish, I mean MANLY figure. One of the most important things for someone with CF is to keep their lungs good and healthy, cause that’s were most of the issues come from. I’ve been pretty fit for most of my life. Remember Benny when I schooled you in Tennis! Haha. SO, staying home you’d think it would be easy, huh not so Obi Wan. Although I’ve been much better at home, than at my work, it wasn’t enough. I got mad at myself in Dec 2009 when I went to my Doc’s and my breathing tests were slightly down. One of the Technicians said, “oh, that’s typical of patients with CF”. WHAT! Not me, cause I’m…ya you get it. SO, I went out and ordered P90X, the home cd work out system, by BeachBody. Don’t be fooled by imitations! I was determined to get my breathing test up in two months time. The following pic was the night before I went to see my doc.


I got most of my breathing test up by 8%. That’s HUGE if you didn’t know.

In closing, because this is was a long one and I hope you’re still awake. I’m basically starting over in a way. I got most of my health back, I’m writing again, want to act again and will be able to do some traveling. I pray Blessings over all my family and friends and for my kids.


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