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This is a feature length script I wrote in Nov. 2014. It’s a ghost story, written for low budget, but of course could go big budget.

Property Manager Logline:

Fed up apartments Property Managers, this married couple chooses to manage a self-storage building of historical value instead, but, the ghost of Greta will haunts the couple until they give up or fight back.

Married couple Steve and Erin have been property managers of apartment buildings long enough to know they are tired of dealing whining, complaining residents. They chose to switch positions and look into managing self-storage complex instead, thinking it will be quieter and easier than the headaches they have now. After several interviews, some rejections and a couple offers, the married couple choses to manager the historical building downtown, mostly because of its charm and nicer living space.
The old building has quiet the history, as it was once a thriving business in its day. But the business took a nasty turn when an older lady, Greta, dies during an argument with her boss. Soon after Greta’s death the company lost its good reputation and the business finally closed its doors and remained empty, until the storage company purchased it at an auction and renovated it to become a self-storage complex.
Now, after losing several on-site managers and struggling to keep the storage complex going the regional manager, Manny has hired Steve and Erin to run the place. Confident they have what it takes to keep the business afloat, Manny leaves on a well-deserved vacation. What he doesn’t know, is he’s leaving Steve and Erin with the ghost of Greta, who has chased out all the other managers. But with no money and nowhere to go, Steve and Erin must stay and find a way to fight back against Greta’s attacks. After all the physical abuse from Greta, this determined team finds a way to capture and release Greta with the help of her grandson Sven and get her out of the building and prove Manny was right in choosing them.


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This is a hilarious feature length screenplay that is sure to become a classic.


TITLE: Early Retirement

Genre: Comedy

Written By: Philip Webb, Tinamarie Forbes and Cathi Iafrate

Log line: Plagued by medical issues, a young couple revitalizes a ritzy retirement home after conning their way past the suspicious and vindictive manager.


Some Analysis Feedback from BlueCat Contest:

Reader #8099 says; The characters and plot of this slapstick comedy are reminiscent of the characters and unlikely scenarios in the television series “I Love Lucy”!

Reader #8094 says; The screenplay is very fun, whimsical, and full of lighthearted humor which is very entertaining to read.


Synopsis: Based on some true events. Tinamarie and Phoenix Wives, are in their mid 30’s and have been living in cramped apartments in the surrounding towns of historical Charleston, South Carolina.

Phoenix a somewhat nervous, stay at home husband that was born with a lung disease and on disability, which doesn’t pay much.

Tinamarie is quick witted, blunt, former model that smokes and works at her best friend’s boutique store downtown Charleston.

The Wives dream about living downtown in the fashion and art district, however it is just too expensive. That’s where they get the idea to try and move into the luxury Washington Retirement Center right smack in the middle of downtown.

Antony is sneaky, whiny, by the book and is the latest family member to manager the retirement center. He’s loathed by the residents and will soon go through physical and mental abuse to prove the Wives are lying about their age and send them to jail.

After months of investigating the Wives, Ant has all the evidence he needs. However, at his climax of busting the Wives, he blurts out about breaking the Law. He suddenly finds himself scooping poop as the Wives take over as the newest managers. 

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After a long break, I’m finally going to get back to what I love, writing.

I did manage to edit another draft of my latest script, Trend Breaker, and now it’s ready for a script consultant. I’ll be very interested to see what they think.

I will be jumping write (I mean right) into another script…title unknown. It will be a comedy with a concept that has sold many times over. I’ll have ago at it and try and raise the bar beyond any ones reach.

I hope you all will had a great winter and Spring, talk soon!

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Logline: she will break a trend in the high school by using her Jedi Skills

Synopsis: Felicity is a Princess Leia fan through and through, right down to the cinnamon buns on the side of her head. She will take down two “evil lords” in her new high school, but not by beating them up, but by breaking the bully trend.

If you like my concept i’d be glad to send you the full script.

Thank you
Phil J Webb

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Phil J Webb


Re: Query Letter from an Option writer

Dear Film Industry Partner:

     I have recently finished my latest feature length screenplay and it’s a great adventure taken by two boys. I thought that your company may be interested:

TITLE: Rebuke

Genre: Sci-Fi

Log line: Oh, what two tweens can get themselves into! Terry and Joseph never thought this summer they’d battle demons and save lives. 

Pitch: I’m an option writer and have already written many screenplays. I am a published Poet; I’ve done some adaptations, short stories and have been writing for well over twenty years.


On an ordinary day in the summer, on their way to the convenient story, Terry and Joseph find themselves being chased by a back-hoe at the local land-fill. It wasn’t that they were trespassing again, but it’s what Terry holds in his hands that got the back-hoe operator so ticked off, that he HAD to chase the two tweens.

 What seemed to be a piece of recycled trash is now in the hands of a mischief maker and a good boy. The two will tinker with the trash until it finally becomes a working X-Ray Screen. They quickly realize the x-ray cannot only see people’s bones, but it can also see into the Spiritual World.

 The boys team up to convert a once bully into a nice guy. The three boys will do some Spiritual warfare with their new toy. They will learn to unlock the secret of working along-side Angels to help kill demons and change lives.


Phil J Webb

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acting out

as some or most or neither of you know I’ve been trying to get back into acting. As my mom always said to me growing up, ‘your always acting out!’ lol  So, I’m taking that to heart and feet and walking my way through auditions.

This summer I started sending out my acting resume to different things that I read on Craigslist or Actoraccess.com or other web-sites. At one point I was two auditions a week for three weeks in a row. Now, some may say, wow that’s a lot and really good, others will say, why haven’t you got more roles. I say Yes to both those questions. Now at this point some of you are laughing the others are still trying to figure it out. For every 1 role that comes up there can be hundreds of people trying out for the same role. SO, I feel fortunate to have gotten the ones that I did. Also, with each audition you learn new things, like never pick you nose while the camera is rolling, unless the script calls for it. Now I didn’t do that, it was my friend…named John! lol

Here are some of the roles I’ve auditioned for:

  • Adam Sandler’s body double – Movie – NY (still pending…I Hope)
  • Spokesman for Ashley furniture National Commercial – Charlotte
  • Restaurant Manager – Short Film – Greenville
  • Chef – Reality Show Pilot – Greenville
  • Repo man and Policeman – Reality tv show – Greenville (I actually got this role, but I was in Fla when they were shooting, so I missed out)
  • Burt – 40 Fears Movie – Charlotte

Tthose are some of the ones I did. Here are some photos that I can use or have used for my resume, depending on the role in question:


ok maybe not the last one!

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Re: Query Letter from an Option writer

Dear Filmmaker:

            I have finished my latest feature length screenplay and thought your company maybe interested:

TITLE: Blankethouse

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Log line: You better know who the best friend is that you’re bullying, because it just may come back to haunt you!

Pitch:  I’m an option writer who has written several other screenplays. I am a published poet; done some adaptations and have been writing for well over twenty years.


Russell is that kid that makes it easy to pick on; smart, shy and a loner. Toby is the likable kid in school and lives near Russell. The two boys formed a bond; a bond that could last a life time. Brett and his clique are the kind of jerks every school has.

While in the fifth grade, Russell becomes the victim of a party prank while in the Blankethouse with his secret crush, Ciara. However, the prank leaves Russell deeply embarrassed and mortified in front of his peers and more importantly, the girl.

Ten years later; it’s Toby that has got pay back on his mind. Being smart and strong, Toby will set up and pull off a prank; not only embarrass, but to change Brett and his friend’s way of life…forever.

A message to Brett and company alike; when you bully someone, you better know exactly who you’re dealing with, especially the best friend!

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