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This is a feature length script I wrote in Nov. 2014. It’s a ghost story, written for low budget, but of course could go big budget.

Property Manager Logline:

Fed up apartments Property Managers, this married couple chooses to manage a self-storage building of historical value instead, but, the ghost of Greta will haunts the couple until they give up or fight back.

Married couple Steve and Erin have been property managers of apartment buildings long enough to know they are tired of dealing whining, complaining residents. They chose to switch positions and look into managing self-storage complex instead, thinking it will be quieter and easier than the headaches they have now. After several interviews, some rejections and a couple offers, the married couple choses to manager the historical building downtown, mostly because of its charm and nicer living space.
The old building has quiet the history, as it was once a thriving business in its day. But the business took a nasty turn when an older lady, Greta, dies during an argument with her boss. Soon after Greta’s death the company lost its good reputation and the business finally closed its doors and remained empty, until the storage company purchased it at an auction and renovated it to become a self-storage complex.
Now, after losing several on-site managers and struggling to keep the storage complex going the regional manager, Manny has hired Steve and Erin to run the place. Confident they have what it takes to keep the business afloat, Manny leaves on a well-deserved vacation. What he doesn’t know, is he’s leaving Steve and Erin with the ghost of Greta, who has chased out all the other managers. But with no money and nowhere to go, Steve and Erin must stay and find a way to fight back against Greta’s attacks. After all the physical abuse from Greta, this determined team finds a way to capture and release Greta with the help of her grandson Sven and get her out of the building and prove Manny was right in choosing them.


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AS I was going through my old emails for some auditions I’ve had it was fun to walk down memory lane. Here are some of the emails I got and parts I’ve done.

From: “Fast & Furious Five Extras”
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 17:15:51 -0400
To: Philip Webb
Subject: Vin Diesel Photo Double tomorrow

Hey Phil,

YOU ARE SECOND UNIT. and you are going to be one of the DOM PHOTO DOUBLE OPTIONS:
you’ll be wearing Vin Diesel’s clothes
@ 7:00 AM for Friday October 22, Location is in the warehouse behind the production office,
1*** HWY 138 NE CONYERS, GA 30013


SSM & Talent agency
3*** Buckeye rd Suite # 527
Atlanta, GA 30341

October 16, 2010

Levi Jean Ad

Dear Philip Webb,

Thank You for your interest in Auditioning with SSM & Talent. We are a premier resource for aspiring Models, Actors/Actress and Talent. We are dedicated on helping promising models and talent to audition in front of the most prestigious agencies. You are cordially invited to an open audition. Please make sure you arrive on time and prepared.


From: “Emily Bates”
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 17:09:59 -0400
To: ‘Philip Webb’
Subject: 30 Rock, Eps 501

Thanks! They are asking for a full body shot as well to see if you might match up with the others. Do you have a full body shot?

From: Philip Webb [mailto:webbinsc@att.net]
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 5:09 PM
To: emily@barbmcasting.com
Subject: 30 Rock

Hello Emily,

Thanks for the call. See you in NY at 30 Rockefeller square.


From: Alexis Scheu
To: webbinsc@***.net
Sent: Mon, August 9, 2010 11:30:11 PM
Subject: Re: Jack & Jill Audition – Adam Sandler Double

59** W. Slauson Ave
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90230


David Manigault
To Me
Subject: Audition

Oct 14, 2010

Official Casting Date

You recently submitted for a role in the movie “Who Can You Trust”, You have been selected to read for the part for which you applied. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to reading time so that you will have time to read over the portion of lines selected for your character.
Date: October 23, 2010
Time: 12pm to 5pm
Address: 3500 Boston Street


Hope you enjoy!

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character List:

  • Dennis: Dark hair, white t-shirt, jeans and skateboard sneakers kinda kid. Age 12
  • Brittney: Redish hair, skinny, chewing gum is her major, she’s not afraid to take the boy on in football. Age 12
  • Rain: Short for Rainbow, yes her parents were hippies! Dark hair, short and stocky, speaks like her hippie parents use to. She loves her tie-dye shirt and dresses. Age 10
  • Austin: Born in Austin, he’s a true cowboy through and through. His cowboy boots are hardly ever taken off. He’s got the freckles, flannel shirt and red-neck to complete the package. Age 10
  • Rusty: Austin’s little brother. He’s a half bread – Half Texan/Half wise-ass. He doesn’t put up with anyone calling him Tiny or Shorty. He’s just tall enough to hit you where it hurts! Age: 6

Location: Suburbia USA. The kinda place that’s good to raise a kid, especially at Halloween time, lots of candy!

Todays Adventure: Snake in the Creek

Yawn, stretch and caclunk! Austin swings his feet, ah boots onto the floor. The sun is way ahead of him in waking up on this beautiful summer’s day.  He stands, wipes his eyes and takes the two steps forward to Rusty’s bed. “Hey Boy, time to get up.” he says while giving Rusty a gentle shake. Rusty is, well rusty when it comes to getting out of bed. He throws and elbow towards Austin, “STOP”, he dries out, “Not getting up.”

Caclunk, caclunk and caclunk, Austin makes his way to the door. He stops, turns back to Rusty, “wanna go to the creek?” Pop, Rusty is up and alert, “Really?” he asks with total excitement. “AH, boy I reckin that would get you up. Sure, we can go after breakfast and you do your chores.” Austin explains.

Knock, knock on a the front door at Dennis’ house. Squeak, goes the front door as the blue-jeans boy opens it up. “Say, Y’all wanna go to the creek with Rusty and I?” Austin asks. “MA, GOING TO THE CREEK.” yells Dennis. The three boys walk next door, as custom, to Brittney’s house. They know by now she’s already in the back yard doing some sort of tom-boy thing.

The three miss matched boys enter Britt’s back yard. Yup, there she is, digging for worms near her porch after last nights rain. She’s on her hands and knees digging with her left hand in the semi-mud hole. Dennis calls out, “Yo, Britt, what do you say?” Britt turns around with mud splattered on her face, “What?” she replies. The boys chuckle at her mud face. Oh boy, here she comes, stomping over to the boys with an angry face. “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?” she demands with her fists clenched. The boys scatter. “You’re face has mud on it.” yells Rusty as he runs towards the large, wooden swing set. Like usual Austin, not being a fast runner, is the first caught by the raging Brittney. She grabs the back of his flannel shirt with her left hand and wipes her face on it. “Ah, gosh. What did you go and do that for?” Austin whines. Brittney smiles, “there all better. Okay, so what’s the plan for today?”

Heading down the street they come up to Rain’s house. “RAINY” Britt calls out. Bam, the side door slams shut as Rain comes walking to the group. “Say guys, what be the plan man?’ says the mellow Rain. Dennis answers, “Creek’n it”. Rain sees the mud on the back of Austin’s shirt, “I see you were the slowest one again. We need to get you some Chuckie’s.” Rain points to her Converse sneakers. “Heck No! These are good. My feet were made for wranglen, not runnen.” Austin replies.

Down at the end of their street is a medium dense forest. There is a double-wide, well beaten path that leads into the woods, they enter with Dennis and Britt leading the pack. “Did anyone bring a bucket, shovel…anything?” Brittney asks the crew. Silence. Brittney stops, “Aw come on. Why Do I always have to be the one?” she pulls out a metal spoon from her back pocket of her dirty jeans, she adds,  “Ha, see I come prepared.” Rusty sees the once shiny spoon, “Can I use if first?” Brittney looks back at Rusty, “If you can beat me to the creek.” she says while starting to run down the pathway. Rusty pushes past Austin and Rain and runs after Brittney. The rest of the group picks up the pace behind the two sprinters.

At the small, wooden bridge is a heavy breather, “I’ll take that missy.” Rusty cheerfully says while taking the spoon. Brittney is bent over and is holding onto her knees. “Nah, I let you win. You’re getting faster though. Here, you earned it.” She hands Rusty the spoon while trying to catch her breath.  The other three come walking up to the creek and meet Brittney and Rusty. “cool dude, you won.” Rain congratulates Rusty with a pat on the head.

Austin walks off the beaten path to the side of the bridge and down the small hill. He turns back and yells “YeeHaw, the water is raging today!”.  Brittney comes hopping down the hill like a wild bunny rabbit. Dennis, Rusty and Rain walk the ten or so feet to the creek. They all stand at the creeks edge staring at the water.

Now, the creek isn’t what it used to be, back three years ago, when it seemed to rain twice a week. But, since it had rained last night it brought the five foot deep, by eight foot wide trickle of water, to a massive six feet deep, by eight and a half-foot wide. “Cool, we can almost swim in it.” says and excited Rusty. Rain is quick to add, “Swimming in rivers are bad for the environment. The toxins from our body can get into the water and damage or even kill plant line. Not to mention…”, “Yes, please don’t mention…any more we get it. We’re not going swimming.” Says an annoyed Dennis. “I’m going to start digging for gold.” Rusty says while walking down the creek side to find a perfect digging spot. Austin, being the big brother, “Be careful. Don’t fall in.” Brittney has already moved several big rocks and thrown them into the creek. “You know, when you add or take away rocks from the creek, it will change the direction of the flow. That could be…” Rain is cut off once again by all of them, “BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT”. Rain smiles, “I see I’ve taught you all a valuable lesson.”

Later; Rusty has a nice size hole going, but still no gold. Dennis and Austin are skipping rocks up the stream. Brittney has managed to put enough rocks together in the middle of the creek to stand on and yes, her pants are wet from walk int he creek to get to her new mound. Rain sits on the creek side talking to a daisy.

Suddenly a loud cry: SSSSNNNNAAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!

Austin and Dennis look back at Brittney and run down the creek to meet up with her.  Rain stands and then spots the two, large snakes in the creek near Brittney, she is frozen in fear. Rusty, “Where, where I want to see.” he says while he makes his way to Rain.

Dennis and Austin reach the side of the creek where Brittney is being held by the two circling snakes. “Ah crap, water moccasins.” Dennis quickly warns. Rain chimes in, “Don’t hurt them.” “Ah HELLO Rain, dangerous snake, scared kid. Who you more worried about?” Brittney yells over.

Austin looks back into the woods. He starts to walk towards a tree with some low branches, “We need to get a stick to push them away.” Dennis follows Austin to the tree. Together, they jump up on a small branch. SNAP, the branch and the two boys fall to the ground. “Oh, my butt.” Dennis says while brushing off his pants. Austin picks up the small branch goes over to the creek. He sticks the branch out and realizes, the branch is way too small, “Darn Y’all.” The others look at Austin as he tosses the branch to the side.

Brittney picks up one of the rocks at her feet, “I can just smash them with this.” Dennis adds, “what if you miss and tick them off? That’s not a good idea. Hey, we need a bridge for Britt to cross over.” “OK, but make it quick, they look hungry or mad or something.” says a nervous Brittney. She looks down at the snakes. One is larger than the other, maybe the daddy. It circle the rock island waiting for an opportunity to strike. The smaller one wonders back and forth waiting for instructions.

Rain collects a few large sticks she found on the ground. Rusty is taking his shoe laces out of his sneakers. Austin and Dennis are up in the same small tree snapping more branches off.

“Ah, guys, not to bother you and stuff, but the Daddy one has stopped circling.” Brittney cries. Dennis and Austin look back to the creek and sees the big snake curled up in attach mode. They jump out of the tree and collect the four branches the knocked off. “Come on, let’s put this together.” Dennis orders.

Rain finishes ties the branches and sticks together with their shoe laces. “That was a great idea Rusty.” Rain says. Austin and Dennis pick up the make-shift bridge. They manoeuver towards the edge of the creek. “Let’s count to three then toss is into the water.” Austin directs. “ONE” Dennis starts. Brittney interrupts, “TWO THREE, throw!” The boys toss the bridge into the creek. The large splash scare both snake, but they don’t swim away, they both get into attach mode.

The bridge sinks down so there is just enough of the sticks showing to jump onto and walk across. “JUMP, NOW!” Austin yells in concern. Brittney takes a step back and jumps with all her might to the middle of the bridge. Just as her right foot leaves the rock the small snake lunges for a strike. “EEEK,’ screams Rain. Brittney lands on the bridge with a thud. SNAP, CRACK, POP the bridge sings. The daddy snake swims over towards the bridge. Rusty cries out, “DADDY COMING.” Brittney needs to clear the thee feet of water to the shore line. Her sneakers are getting soaked and the bridge is sinking. She leans back and leaps again. Austin and Dennis grab her arms as she splashes down onto some rocks. Rain stands behind Austin and Dennis, she holds their shirts so they doesn’t slip. 

SPLASH! Rain, Dennis, Austin and Brittney look back as they stumble away from the creek with Brittney’s momentum pushing them. They see the tale of the daddy snake sticking up from under a large rock. Rusty is soaken wet. “Whao Boy, what did you do?” asks Austin as he walks over to Rusty. “He was coming after her, so I killed him.” Rusty explains. Rain looks sadly, “Oh man, that’s just sad. Poor snakey.” They all look at Rain.

Walking out of the woods we see a soaken Rusty, a muddy Dennis, a sad Rain, a frightened Brittney and Austin (he doesn’t show much emotion). “I’m starving,” Dennis says while he rubs his stomach. Austin adds, “I don’t know ’bout Y’all, but that was pure excitement.” Brittney chimes in, “Ah yeah, at my expense”.  Rain puts her arm around Rusty, “thanks to our hero,” she says, “we’re not all dead right now.” They all laugh.

The End

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